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How to Pick Your Perfect Wedding Hairstyle

Jul 02, 2013 10:00PM ● By Anonymous
We’re here to help you look your best on your day, starting from the top down. Here are some things to keep in mind when trying to plan your hairstyle for your big day:


When deciding what style to go for, the two basic choices are an up do, or something where most of your hair is hanging down by your shoulders. The differences can pair up with the atmosphere of your wedding. Formal weddings usually call for more of a proper up do, whereas more relaxed weddings can go for the more relaxed long style.


After you have your dress, you can start planning out your accessories. Don’t forget to include your hairstyle into the accessory category. Your dress is a huge part of your wedding, so you don’t want anything to upstage that. When picking out your hairstyle, you want it to compliment your dress, not compete with it. A dramatic up do might be perfect for an extravagant ball gown, but not a simple peasant dress.


When planning your hairstyle, use your jewelry to help you decide. If you’re sporting a pair of large diamond earrings, the up do might be the better option so you don’t hide your accessories. You can also pair your jewelry with your hair accessories to give your jewels a seamless look.

Photo by Melissa Grimes-Guy


Before your big day, make sure you visit and visit and visit the salon! You can plan your style weeks in advance, but if the only time you test it out is the day of your wedding, you’re setting yourself for a lot of unnecessary stress. Be sure to take time out of your planning schedule to take care of little details like this beforehand, so when your big day comes it’s one less thing to worry about.

Whatever you decide your perfect style is, the key is to put your best face forward and face your special day with confidence