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Ladies Last Night Out!

Aug 16, 2013 04:21PM ● Published by Anonymous

Nowadays, there are really no rules when it comes to bachelorette party planning. It doesn’t have to be the night before the wedding, and the highlight doesn’t have to include an all-night party and a foggy memory the following morning. Bridal parties are getting creative.

I surveyed bachelorette party attendees and brides on through Facebook and was amazed at the variety of ideas. Of course there was the usual bar hopping in both Annapolis and Baltimore, but one bride’s bachelorette party included a private class at Expose Fitness, and another attended a Slumber Party, yes one of THOSE parties. 

If the bar scene is not your thing—and it was not really mine at the time my Maid of Honor was throwing around ideas for my bachelorette party—don’t be afraid to speak up, and branch out. 

When my husband and I were planning our wedding for April 2014, my MOH came up with the idea of a one night trip to a vineyard. A nice relaxing night away with my girlfriends, and wine of course! (Sometimes in life unexpected blessings arise—as such I did not have a bachelorette party of my own.)

Out of town bachelorette weekends are becoming more and more popular these days, too. Your party could land you on the beaches of Ocean City, a casino in Atlantic City, or even out on the town dressed in neon in Charleston, South Carolina like our Weddings Editor, Amy Moeller, who says her bachelorette party was the “most fun weekend of her entire life’ and included “the best group of girls.” 

And as there are professionals to plan your wedding—there are professionals to plan your bachelorette party too. So if you’re having troubles coming up with ideas for the, check out companies like Bashelorette, who have lists of ideas for local Bachelorette parties such as dinner packages at Tsunami or spa packages at The Academy Bed and Breakfast.

Just remember, the bachelorette party does not have to be an over the top, spend-hundreds-of-dollars-event. The only requirement to fulfill is the one of making it a memory the bride will not forget... or one she’ll try hard to remember.