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Wedding Dish: The Registry

Nov 15, 2013 06:55PM ● By Anonymous

We’re big believers that a wedding registry is a great place to ask for things that you wouldn’t splurge on for yourself—fine China, a French press, a four-slice toaster when you know a two-slice would do—since friends and family members often go in together on big-ticket items. And while the registry is an opportunity to dream big, experts recommend keeping the number of items proportionate to the number of invited guests. (Rule: Twice as many gifts as guests; options without overwhelming.) So it’s not at all uncommon to go a little crazy with the initial registry gun sweep, and then to reel yourselves in with a few cuts later. But what to cut? Here’s our take.

1. The Juicer. Every wedding season there is a particularly trendy item that brides- and grooms-to-be feel pressured to request (or purchase with monetary gifts). Right now, that item is the $400 juicer. If you are into juicing and find yourself often wishing you had one, by all means, put it on your registry. But if you’re just caught up thinking, “Hey, I could get into drinking a lot of juice,” you may want to reconsider.

2. The Ice Cream Maker. Don’t get us wrong—an ice cream maker can be a fantastic treat—even a good investment for the ice cream lover. But consider these two things: First, will you really make it? And second, is there an attachment for the mixer you registered for that will do the same thing, and also cost less and require less space?

3. The 14 Different Glasses. “If I need a cheat sheet to tell me which glass to serve what type of alcohol in, it’s not worth my time. I get by with nice wine glasses, versatile everyday glasses, and of course, a few fun martini glasses!”—contributing editor Carolyn Lasako.


So what registry items are brides reporting to be their most prized?

1. The KitchenAid Stand Mixer. There’s little you can’t do with a stand mixer and one of its many attachments. They last forever and this brand has withstood the test of time—almost 100 years. In fact, we bet your mom, maybe even her mom, received one on their wedding day.

2. The Dyson Vacuum. Can you get by without one? Absolutely. But those who have them say nothing else compares.

3. Tupperware. It’s not that you can’t buy it on your own, it’s just that won’t want or remember to—and you’ll constantly wish you had. Buying Tupperware isn’t super fun, but having it is super convenient. You’ll be perpetually thankful for the person that gave it to you.

4. Quality Sheets and Towels. Again, no fun to buy, wonderful to have. The better the quality of your sheets and towels, the more glamorous you’ll feel day to day. So be sure to select on the best you can find—you’ll be thankful later.

Have you tackled your wedding registry yet? Tell us what you think!