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To Trash or Not to Trash

Apr 03, 2014 08:41PM ● By Anonymous

So what’s behind this post-nuptial trend that a growing number of modern brides are participating in days, weeks, or even a year after they walk down the aisle? The trend is called Trash the Dress and it’s the latest twist on traditional Wedding photography.

Trash the Dress photo sessions capture brides in their whites running down the beach, letting the tides sweep over them, or climbing trees. These modern brides feel it is a way to show commitment to their husband, while being liberated and relieving stress.

Whether the brides decides to go for full destruction or mild trashing that can be erased with proper dry cleaning, its more about creating spontaneity and feeling free to have fun moments.

Critics state that it is pointless and anti-wedding, but artistic expression has a history of being controversial. Trashing the wedding dress is no different, and welcomes the controversy.