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Making the 
Most of Your Space

May 07, 2014 06:06PM ● By Anonymous

1. With a smaller space come fewer chairs, so use that to your advantage. Consider hanging flowers from a few—perhaps denoting the brideand groom’s seats, or family members, etc.

2. Take note of any windows, and look for ways to dress them up. Particularly in darker spaces, windows tend to pop. As a natural focal point, a little added décor can go a long way.


3. Embrace what’s already there—use the natural assets of the space rather than covering them up or otherwise detracting from them. If your space includes a fireplace or a wall of exposed brick, use it as a focal point. If there are wine racks, such as there are here, use them as a backdrop. Figure out what can complement your desired look, and run with it.


4. Consider floral arrangements that offer a variety of colors and textures and those that lend themselves to “satellite” (or smaller, complementary surrounding) arrangements, for maximum visual interest.


5. Mind your place settings. With a small, intimate reception, the opportunity is more likely there, to dress up each place setting. Consider the chargers, napkins, and printed menus, taking care to coordinate them with the rest of your décor, for a warm and inviting—and also, cohesive—look.


6. Dress up auxiliary tables. To continue that cohesiveness and really make the most of the space, dress your card, cake, and escort card tables accordingly. Unlike in a bigger room, where these tables may be off to the side and not so much part of the overall look, they should very much be elements of the décor.



Photos: Kyle Bergner Photography

Hair: Behind the Veil Contact/Angela Papa

Make-up: Kelley Unthank

Attire: Annapolis Formal & Tuxedo

Flowers: Little House of Flowers/Julie Upchurch

Venue/Catering: Crush Kitchen & Winehouse/Chris Chambers

Rentals: Absolute Party Rental

Cake: Cakes by Rachael

Invitations/Paper Goods: AJK Events/Angie Hilz

Wedding Planner: AJK Events/Angie Hilz