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#You’veGotThis: How to Successfully Digitally Brand Your Wedding Using a Unique Hashtag

Sep 29, 2015 11:16AM ● By Cate Reynolds

Photo courtesy of Meaghan Elliott Photography

By Tina Byland

Photo courtesy of Meaghan 
Elliott Photography

Welcome to the 21st century where bridesmaids plan bachelorette parties on Pinterest, brides take selfies as they walk down the aisle with their fathers, and you can find wedding guests shooting candid videos of the reception from their phones. Take advantage of being digitally connected to your guests with your own wedding hashtag.

By now, you’ve likely attended a wedding with a hashtag or at least seen an example of one on social media. Think of it as the digital version of leaving disposable cameras on the tables at your reception for guests to use to snap their own photos. The morning after your wedding, sitting in your honeymoon suite with your silver tray of room service, you can relive your wedding day through the eyes of your guests with the photos they’ve tagged and shared on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

The thing to remember, however, is that the success of your digitally branded wedding depends on some thoughtful planning and grassroots efforts up front. Here are some tips to start you on the right track.

Pick a catchy hashtag that people will remember.

Try different phrases on for size. Start with a few different formulas such as his last name + forever, the couple’s future monogram + the wedding date, or last name + party of two. Even “the _________s get hitched” can turn into a simple and effective hashtag. If you are looking for something more clever and unique, think of a pun that you can play off the bride and groom’s names and a common wedding word or phrase. Your guests will certainly think it’s punny.
Photo courtesy of Meaghan Elliott Photography


Make sure your chosen hashtag isn’t already in use.

Do your research, especially if you are working with popular names. I can tell you upfront that #MrandMrsSmith is not going to work. Check Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to see if people have used the hashtag before for another event. It may also already be a common hashtag phrase used on social media. Ideally, you won’t find any results when you search for your wedding hashtag. That leaves you with an entirely blank canvas to post all of your memories.

Get your wedding party and vendors involved early.

Use the hashtag to share photos from the bridal shower, bachelor(ette) parties, and during the planning process. This is a great way to share sneak peeks of what is to come (such as a shot from your florist of your chosen flowers or an engagement photo from your photographer) without divulging too much. Just make sure that everyone is on board with what you want to keep a surprise!


Add your hashtag to wedding invites, your ceremony program, and even cocktail napkins. You can also add a photo stream from the hashtag to your wedding website. Place signs in strategic locations at your wedding venue with catchy phrases such as “Help us capture the love! Use #weddinghashtag!” or “Eat! Drink! Tag! #weddinghashtag” so that guests know what hashtag to use when they share images on social media.
Photo courtesy of Melissa Manzione Photography, Meaghan Elliott Photography, and Katie Nesbit Photography



After the big day, don’t forget that your friends and family will likely be scrolling through the shared photos from your wedding as well. Consider sharing a selfie as newlyweds and thanking everyone for being a part of your unforgettable wedding. Even a little glimpse at your honeymoon destination could make for a nice way to tie your photos up with a nice bow and declare it the end.


There are several apps and printers that will now turn your social media photos into an album, framed art, or even magnets. With so many options, there’s really no reason not to take the photos off of the screen and into your home to treasure for the entirety of your happily ever after.

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