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The Bespoke Groom: Inspiration for Groom Fashion

Oct 09, 2015 02:59PM ● By Cate Reynolds

Photo courtesy of Sarah Murray Photography

By Tina Byland // Photos courtesy of Liz and Ryan Photography

With an emphasis on bridal fashion, wedding details tend to weigh heavily on all things feminine. In between the something borrowed, new, old, and blue, there’s a groom who hopes to look his best for the big day, too. More and more, the pendulum is shifting back to the center and we’re seeing grooms becoming more involved in the fashion aspect of their wedding day.

With pop culture icons ranging from Don Draper and Jay Gatsby to Matthew Crawley and Benedict Cumberbatch, men are finding it easier now than ever before to find inspiration for groom fashion that speaks to them.

The Groomsmen

The exorbitant costs of being a bridesmaid are repeated ad nauseam, but it is worth mentioning that groomsmen can end up carrying a heavy price tag as well. It’s becoming more common for the groom’s party to choose thriftier ways to create a cohesive look rather than having everyone purchase a new, identical suit. For example, some grooms simply ask their party to all dress smart casual and tie the looks together with identical boutonnieres. Another option is to ask each groomsman to pick out his favorite grey suit. The mismatched grey tones work together similarly to mismatched bridesmaids dresses.


The Suit

While not every groom has deep enough pockets to purchase a bespoke suit for their wedding day, men are finding several different ways to customize their looks. Everything from the traditional tuxedo ensemble to a tweed jacket paired with jeans can work for today’s modern wedding. Men also may choose their uniform or a kilt for their wedding attire. For the groom interested in something with more of a wow-factor, colored suits are trending. Think about jewel-toned classic cuts as an alternative to the typical navy blue or grey.

The Gentlemen’s Celebration

The bride and her entourage may be clinking champagne flutes and noshing on fruit and cheese platters, but grooms shouldn’t be discounted for their ability to have a celebratory toast together. Today’s groom is making sure the gentlemen’s room is appropriately stocked with whiskey, craft beer, and cigars.


The Details

The groom and groomsmen’s ties have become an integral part to the wedding scheme. The tie provides the couple with a quick and easy way to tailor the mens’ look and help it flow with the overall feel for the wedding day. To the other extreme, some grooms let the guys choose their own ties. Another great way to pack a personality punch in the mens’ attire is with their cufflinks. Even the most traditional, identical suits can be personalized with cufflinks that speak to the personality of each man.

With so much inspiration out there, it’s easy to create a look that makes the men happy, amplifies the overall theme of the wedding day, and is made to order especially for the groom and his personal taste.

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