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Beauty Lies in the Details: A guide to key moments & treasures that you won't want to overlook

May 23, 2017 09:57AM ● By Cate Reynolds
By Tina Byland // Photos by Melissa Manzione Photography

You certainly hope to remember every little moment of your wedding day. From the feeling the moment you awaken in the morning to your first kiss in the getaway car, it’s a day to properly live it up. Each second deserves cherishing. At the same time, it’s so easy for chunks of the day to turn into rushing blurs of a distant memory. Trust me, it will go by fast.

Knowledge is power and if you plan ahead you will be able to relive even the fastest of moments through the tiniest rituals and details. Below is a guide to key moments and treasures that are easily overlooked yet achingly cherished in the years to come.

Getting Ready

The hours spent prior to your wedding ceremony when you are getting ready can particularly get lost in the rush of the day. That’s okay. Have your photographer arrive early enough to capture shots of you getting ready for the celebration. This time is not only fleeting, but often candidly showcases some of your most cherished friendships with the women closest to you in your life as they help you prep. You’ll likely be on a strict timetable between hair, makeup, and getting dressed. Including your photographer (and videographer) in these plans and inviting him or her to be a part of these private moments will pay off dividends.

Bridal Bells (and whistles)

Expect a photo of your dress, of course, but it’s wise to also set aside your entire fashion and beauty arsenal for the photographer to shoot. A good rule of thumb is that if it made it on your shopping list or packing list for the day of the wedding, it is worth setting aside to be photographed. It may be the perfume you wear daily that your groom recognizes so well. It could also be the one-time use garter belt and lingerie you’ve only tried on briefly before setting aside just for this moment. Are you choosing a particular eyeshadow palette, blush, or lipstick? Make sure you have a way to remember it.

Outfit of the Day

No, not your bridal gown. The outfit you wear for the other half of the day. Whether it was chosen specifically for this occasion or it is your go-to casual outfit that you feel most comfortable in, make sure it’s documented. The outfit you wear before putting on your wedding gown is as much a reflection of who you are at that time in your life as the gown itself.

Heirloom Tokens

Did you receive any special gifts to wear or carry with you on your wedding day? Traditionally, brides often receive such heirlooms from relatives or close friends. The stories behind these gifts are as diverse as the gifts themselves, but these are the objects that will hold meaning with future generations long after your time. Take delicate care in sharing these treasures with your photographer so that they ultimately find a place in your wedding album.

Your First Farewell

It’s so tempting to cut your photographer and videographer’s time back so that they leave somewhere in the middle of your reception. True, they’ve captured all of the “big events” like the speeches and the cake cutting while also snapping some shots of your friends on the dance floor. But what you’re missing out on is that final frame. The one to look back on as your first farewell, the moment you step away from the ceremonious day and step into life together as husband and wife. If possible, have your memory documenting team stick around and plan for a solid ending. Getaway cars, sparklers, or even fireworks all make for the perfect ending to a perfect day.

… a Note About the Groom

The groom’s details count, too. As you prepare a shot list of objects from your beauty and fashion arsenal for your photographer, don’t overlook the groom’s accessories. Everything from cufflinks to his watch are worth documenting. It may not mean much now to snap a memory of his timepiece, but your great-grandson may find himself hoping to wear that same watch years down the road and having a photo to dig up from your wedding day to compare the two young men will be a moment everyone appreciates.

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