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Trend Watch: Served Up Family Style!

Jul 24, 2017 02:25PM ● By Cate Reynolds
Without a doubt, the simplest way to ensure your guests settle into a comfortable, relaxed mood during your reception is to choose a family style table service for your meal. The intimacy of sharing large dishes of food with friends, family, and strangers is a surefire solution to breaking conversation lulls, guaranteeing eye contact amongst one another, and providing plenty of opportunity for laughter and cheer. A family style meal immediately transports guests to a loved memory of holiday meals, birthday celebrations, and simple familial traditions like Sunday night dinners.

Plates will be served by course and have the power to transform and become a living, breathing part of the table centerpieces. Guests tend to appreciate this option because it also means they can serve themselves as little, or as much, as they may choose without the pressure of holding up a buffet line in the process.

If you are interested in serving your wedding meal family style, check with your caterer and your wedding planner to make sure they are familiar and comfortable doing so. Table space will be key to making this work. You’ll need ample space for platters of food to sit on the table. You may want to consider raised trays or wider tables in order to make this work. You may also encounter a higher bill from your caterer because family style service tends require extra food to be prepared.

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