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Trend Watch: Beautiful Bridesmaids

Aug 21, 2017 01:50PM ● By Cate Reynolds

Left to right: Adrianna Papell, bhldn, Allure, Watters, Jenny Yoo, Adrianna Papell

As a bridesmaid, you tend to anticipate the choosing of your bridesmaid attire by decidedly counting on your loving bride to fit into one of two categories. First, they can be the traditional type. They’ll pick out the exact dress you are to wear in the exact color they want you to wear with the exact accessories they’ve deemed appropriate. And it won’t matter whether you feel comfortable and beautiful or not. Or, alternatively, they can be the generously concerned type. This bride will want to please every bridesmaid and give them reign to pick out their own dresses with little direction and little (obvious) opinion.

Fortunately, bridesmaid dresses have come a long way from the traditional, overpriced, “I’ll never wear this again” looks of the past. Bridesmaid gowns have gotten prettier, more flattering, and downright reusable. Can we get an Amen?

Here’s a look at some of the most exciting bridesmaid dress trends to stroll down the aisle.


Adrianna Papell, bhldn
Forget about picking a specific Pantone to match throughout your wedding. Go ahead and start with your bridesmaid’s dresses. Pull your color scheme straight from the metals of your jewelry. Everything from silvery blue metallic gowns to rose gold classics will keep your entourage glistening the entire day.


Allure, Watters
Why do bridesmaids always have to either bare their shoulders or carry a pashmina scarf around with them wherever they go? Functional and flattering, sleeves are a simple and easy way to give your bridesmaids a bit of coverage where they may be too afraid to ask for it. Plus, they are totally on trend right now.


Jenny Yoo, Adrianna Papell
Some girls would die for the opportunity to purchase and keep a twirl-worthy piece of tulle in their closet to pull out when the mood strikes. Make their dreams a reality and go for a winning combo of a dressed-up camisole and a perfectly fitting long skirt. Without a doubt, one or both of these pieces will be reused at a later date in your bridesmaids’ lives.

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