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Trend Watch: Colorful Receptions

Sep 15, 2017 10:55AM ● By Cate Reynolds
Shine a little light on your reception and get the party started in style. Careful attention to lighting will not only set the mood for your wedding, but it will also help highlight those incredible details that you’ve spent so much time preparing. Not to mention, your photos will take on a life of their own. The impact of planned illumination is worth its weight in gold (or purple, blue, and green).

You’ll find your options great, though they will vary based on your reception space. Popular lighting elements include string lights (think market or bistro lights), gobos (stencils that will shine your monogram, wedding date or hashtag), color washing (cover your reception space in a blanket of color), pin spotting (spotlights to focus on your cake, flowers, or whatever you want to highlight), and strobe lighting (flashing lights that hit the dance floor while everyone is boogying down).

Check with your reception site to see what lighting packages they offer, or what may already be included in your package. As the experts on the space, they will know what works best and will likely be able to recommend lighting professionals to you. Your florist, DJ, and event designer may also be able to supply lighting for your wedding reception. Just ask!

1. Laura’s Focus Photography
2, 6. Capture Photography
3. Brooke Courtney Photography
4. Hartcorn Studios
5. Photography by Laurie Bracewell