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Trend Watch: Blushing Brides and Unmentionables

Nov 21, 2017 01:56PM
Let’s cut right through the embarrassment and talk about lingerie for a moment. The fact of the matter is that between your bachelorette party and your showers, someone at some point will likely give you lingerie. And there’s a good chance you will be opening said lingerie gift in front of a group of people!

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about all the sweet, delicate pieces available for you to receive as lingerie gifts! Robes, pajamas, and slippers all make wonderful gifts for the bride-to-be. Even candles with scents such as jasmine, lavender, orange and vanilla, soft and comfortable eye masks, and an arsenal of lipsticks work well as lingerie gift accessories.

The key is to drop hints and guide your friends and family in the direction of your own tastes. The unmentionables need not be awkward presents that you stash away in humiliation!

Alex Thornton Photography


Candle: Diptyque Paris


Slippers: Bella Belle






Garter Set: Camilla Christine


Knickers: BHLDN


Garter: Cathy’s Concepts


Lipstick: Yves Saint Laurent


Sleep Mask: BHLDN


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