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Health, Wealth, Happiness: Bachelorette Parties on the Chesapeake Bay

Dec 14, 2017 09:00AM
By Tina Byland

When my husband and I first announced our engagement, his friends began planning a bachelor party halfway across the country within hours. The exchanges were rather stereotypical, wrought with hollering and high fives and cheers from all directions. It was all very…. standard.

But it also costs time, money, and a lot of logistics to plan an out-of-town destination party for a busy bride or groom. Case in point, our friends accidentally gave my husband the wrong flight information and he showed up to the airport an hour after his flight had taken off. He legitimately missed the first day of his own bachelor party!

So, when considering a staycation bachelorette party, know that you are at the very least avoiding a conundrum like that! Plus, the Chesapeake Bay is the perfect place to celebrate with your friends. Sit back, relax, and cheers to health, wealth, and happiness without chasing after a plane!



Planning a wedding is stressful. It’s busy. It’s downright overwhelming at times. There’s no better way to get into the right mood for your bachelorette party than with a trip to the spa. Whether it’s just a massage before dinner or an entire day of pampering, you can book services with a stand-alone spa or one associated with your hotel.

If you are hoping to find time to burn some energy, consider a yoga or barre class with your friends. Or rent bikes and hit the trails. Making time for a bit of exercise will always be worthwhile and now is a good time to break out of your routine and check out a new workout with your friends.



Hit the boutiques! Support all the adorable local boutiques our area offers and pick out some cute new outfits for your upcoming honeymoon. Since you’ll have your entourage with you to help in the dressing room, it will feel like a less-high stakes version of saying yes to the dress!

Once you’re done shopping, consider chartering a boat over the golden hour. Pop some champagne and watch the sunset on the Bay.

If you have any interest whatsoever in wineries, breweries, or distilleries, consider booking a private tour of a facility. Some places will require it for a larger group and you’ll also receive more personalized service once you arrive. Check ahead to see if food will be available to accompany your tastings, and if not, you can always pack a picnic if allowed.



Life’s about to change bigtime for you as a soon-to-be wife. Everyone’s experience is different, but one thing is always for certain. Your friends who have likely stood by your side through everything life has thrown at you so far deserve a big, giant thank you!

Above everything else, think of your bachelorette party as nothing more than some amazing quality time with your besties. Spend time on the beach, throw a dance party, play some silly games, take an art class, cook a meal together. Make memories and make their time worthwhile.