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Wit and Wisdom: A Lingerie Party Quip

Jan 22, 2018 09:00AM
As you and [groom’s name] live out your married life,
You’ll spend many days as husband and wife.
To last all the way to old age – starting with your wedding day.
Here are panties for every reason – a sexy underwear display.
(lingerie packaged inside of a box tied with ribbon)


When you’re old and grey, with these you can’t go wrong.
Sorry [groom’s name] but at that age, she just won’t wear a thong!
(granny panties)


As the years go by, you might hit the 7-year blues,
Just remember the fancy animal print and your love life will never snooze!
(animal print)


When the time is right for you & [groom’s name] (and don’t be saying maybe).
You’ll wear a little pink or blue in honor of your baby.
(pink and blue)


For your first big fight as a married couple.
When [groom’s name sees] you in this number, he’ll forgive you on the double.
(scrappy black)


White ones for the 1st anniversary – you’ll be feeling naughty.
[Groom’s name] won’t believe his luck for marrying such a hottie!


Racy red ones for the Honeymoon – a sexy thong with lace.
We hope you leave the hotel room and see the rest of the place!
(red lace)


The night of your wedding will be perfect, you`ll see,
Believe me when I say, you won`t need any help from me.
You`ll want to look sexy and feel like a fox,
So just wear what I`ve wrapped up in this box.
(nothing in the box)

As it tends to go in 21st century written history, the exact origin of this witty poem is unknown. We share this with you in hopes that it continues to be shared amongst friends and family for many years to come.