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Precious Pooches

May 16, 2018 04:36PM ● By Brian Saucedo
There’s nothing sweeter or more meaningful than including your fur baby in your wedding. A happily wagging tail and a smile from floppy ear to floppy ear can turn even the most serious guest into a cheerful chap. But there are several considerations to keep in mind before having your pet join your processional.

First, does your dog have the right personality? A well-trained social pup may flourish in the situation. But a shy and nervous pup may not enjoy the event. In fact, if your dog begins to feel anxiety and stress, you may find yourselves stuck in a tough position caring for them instead of enjoying your wedding day.

Which leads us to our next point. Make sure you have a friend or family member (or a hired handler) available the entire day of your wedding to be with your dog, keep Fido fed, and be on top of your dog’s behavior.

Lastly, but certainly not least, check with your venue to make sure your pup is welcome! Some venues will have a strict no pet policy.

As long as everything checks out for you and your pup, start practicing their big role early on and enjoy their love and affection the day of your wedding as you become an official family!