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Blushing, Brilliant Bouquets

May 16, 2018 04:42PM ● By Brian Saucedo
 Don’t skip arm day at the gym if you plan on carrying a cascading, giant bouquet like these on your wedding day! Floral arrangements of this magnitude make a statement of elegant, effortless beauty.

The 2018 bouquet makes a flattering nod to the 1980’s when cascading bouquets were all the rage. Today’s bouquet may cascade a lot or just a little, but you will often see a cascading ribbon draping down from the stems regardless.

 While there’s plentiful room for color in a large floral arrangement, one color tends to pop up no matter the scheme: millennial pink. This bubblegum-y, muted salmon first appeared years ago and has only gained strength. Used in just one accent flower, as an accent, or as a main color in the bouquet, millennial pink goes with the 2018 bouquet like peanut butter goes with jelly.