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My Colors are Nature

May 17, 2018 04:30PM ● By Brian Saucedo
No surprises here, greenery hasn’t gone away. And we still love it. Here’s why.

It’s not really a color scheme, theme, or even look and feel. Incorporating greenery into your wedding décor works with virtually every venue, trend, and budget. Even when done to the limits of grandeur, it will not overwhelm. On the flipside, a tender touch of vegetation knocks your sophistication and class up a few notches. Adding foliage to the mix also has the fascinating ability to feel masculine and elegant at the same time.  

You’ll find greenery available year-round and it can be the perfect filler to stretch your florals. In the world of plants, the color green varies from the cool blues in eucalyptus leaves to grevillea with its red stems. Structure fluctuates as well from the thin, drooping leaves of honey bracelet and tree ferns to the thick, triangular leaves on ivy and ferns. Not classified as greenery, bright lime green poms (just like a pompom) also work well to add depth and dimension.

Think outside of the box when discussing the use of extra greens with your florist. Sure, you are going to need centerpieces and boutonnieres and bouquets. But what makes greenery so special is that you can use it in unexpected ways without looking garish or overdone. Try hanging some structured pieces from the ceiling as living chandeliers. Garland can stretch the length of your tables in place of, or alongside, your centerpieces. If your venue has boxwoods or magnolias on site, play those leaves up on your signage, on the sides of chairs for your ceremony, and even your bouquet. The point of decorating, after all, is to create a natural and organic environment that fits the space and your wedding vision all at the same time. Greenery just makes the process effortless.

Wedding trends may come and go (see you later, mason jars), but a simple color palate that draws from nature will never be out of style.