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Your Wedding Registry by the Numbers

May 17, 2018 05:08PM ● By Brian Saucedo


An 18/10 spoon will feel sturdy and balanced when you hold it and also will have a great stainless sheen. The first number refers to chromium, and refers to how well it will resist rust and staining. The second number represents the amount of nickel in the flatware. The sheen comes from the nickel.


You’ll want a chef's knife, paring knife, slicer, bread knife.

Formal and/or casual

Fine china is made of a higher quality. You’ll see bone china and porcelain included in the description of fine china. Casual china is more often made of earthenware and stoneware. Casual china is fine for everyday use and can even cut it for special occasions if you pick a timeless, classic pattern.

8-12 Settings

The number of place settings you will need. Dinner parties will usually include six to eight people, but if you have a large family and plan on entertaining during holidays, you may want more.

2-3 Sets

Two if you're good about doing laundry. Three if you won’t be doing the laundry right away.

3 Registries

Register at a higher-end department store, a retailer that is widely available, and something slightly different than a standard store like a honeymoon-fund or charity.

3 Price Points

Register for items at various price points. 

2-3 Hours

A bottle of red wine takes about 2-3 hours to decant. Do not decant a red wine older than twenty years! You shouldn’t need more than one decanter unless you are big wine aficionados. 

49-55 Degrees

The optimal temperature for serving white wine.

62-68 Degrees

The optimal temperature for serving red wine.


Match your stemware to the number of place settings you have.