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Whimsical Vows

May 18, 2018 01:28PM ● By Brian Saucedo
The following is an example of how you can pack a whimsical punch with your wedding vows.
Adding some singsong and wonder, a la Dr. Seuss to your ceremony is a great way
to customize and freshen things up. 

To get you married is my task, But first some questions I must ask.
And you must answer and be true,
Will you answer, both of you?

Yes, we’ll answer, yes we will
Through these vows our hearts will spill

Will you love him for the cash?
And when he has none, will you dash?

I will love him without a cent
I will love him one hundred percent

Will you love her for the money?
And when she’s none, will you find it funny?

I will love her without a dime
I will love her ‘cause she’s all mine.

Will you love him when you’re happy?
And also when you’re feeling crappy?

I will love him good or bad
And never want to see him sad

Will you love her on the happiest day?
And will you love her when skies are grey?

I will love her happy or sad
I will show her it’s not that bad

Will you take him as your man?

Yes I will, I’m his biggest fan!

Will you take her as your girl?

Yes I will, let’s give it a whirl!

My task is now almost complete
You’ll soon kiss, sip bubbles, and have cake to eat
But one last question for both of you
Will you be wed?

Yes we do!
As it tends to go in 21st century written history, the exact origin of these sweet vows are unknown. We share with you in hopes they continue to bring joy to couples for
years to come.