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Bouquet Deconstructed

Oct 10, 2018 03:59PM ● By Brian Saucedo
Have you ever admired a floral arrangement and struggled to identify the ingredients? How, other than flagging Instagram photos, are you supposed to describe what you like? Sorry Shakespeare, but a rose by any other name is not a rose—it’s a Lisianthus (see page 46). Lest you look like an ignoramus in front of your floral designer, it’s time to study up. Here, we break down gorgeous bouquets in three popular colors, so when you’re picking your blooms, you know exactly what to call them.

Pretty in Pink
by The Flower Shop

Get a load of that ginger flower—we’re talking tropical vibes for days! These hot pink blossoms are playful, striking, and packing major girl attitude. But if pink is not your thing, we’ve got good news: most of these beauties come in multiple hues. Garden roses and mini gerbera daisies carry the spectrum; lisianthus has you covered in lavender, white, purple, and cream. Keen on the Cymbidium orchid? The hardy lady is lovely in white, green, burgundy, and yellow. Last but not least is the hydrangea: classic in white and green, nautical in blue.


White Wedding

By The Flower Shop

Are you sighing yet? White flowers always make us swoon. Sure, at first glance, they seem less exciting than vivid blooms, but boy, do they dominate with their elegance and purity. Take the iris, for example; she’s stunning and symbolic, associated with the Greek goddess-messenger, wisdom and faith. However, if you do want to spice things up, she’s versatile, too: pretty in both purple and blue. Astilbe, that feathery fella, is sultry in burgundy, and dainty in blush. Hypericum berries add texture in shades of peach, pink, red, and green. And the rest of the bunch? Spray roses, tulips, and calla lilies come in nearly any color you want.


Red Romance

By Gateway Florist

Red is ultra, deep, divine: a perfect fall and winter statement. Layer it with yellow accents for a rustic touch or pops of white flowers and greenery for a modern arrangement. Scabiosa, also known as the pincushion flower, is a jewel of many colors, including blue, white, pink, and raspberry. But our favorite pick is the velvety Cockscomb, which is spectacular in red and fuchsia. Asclepias is a summer staple, available in a variety of oranges and reds. For Ti leaves, Red Heart roses, and Oncidium orchids, what you see is what you get!