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Real Wedding: Kara Goldman & Andy Young

Andy, a civil engineer, and Kara, an accountant, met through mutual friends while in college at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Trend Watch: Grooms Gifts

As your wedding day nears, it’s easy to find tiny details like table assignments and ceremony music all encompassing.

Real Wedding: Khalia Alexander & Wilson Cobbs

Khalia and Wilson’s story begins in high school. Wilson was dared by his buddies to send Khalia a message on Facebook asking for her phone number.

Pop the Bubbly! Everything you need to know about the sparkling behind your toast

Toasts, though they may be a tiny moment in your wedding festivities, will likely be some of the most memorable moments you take with you for the years to come.

Real Wedding: Cristina Bonner & Scott Stern

College sweethearts, Cristina and Scott’s first impressions of one another were slightly misguided.

Bridal Health & Beauty Tips From Head To Toe

Your best you begins weeks, months, even a year prior to your wedding day.

Real Wedding: Ashley Jefferson & Gregory Bauer

“Greg’s proposal was perfect and a complete surprise,” remembers Ashley.

Trend Watch: Painted Cakes

Talk about too pretty to eat! These watercolored tiers of beauty will stand alone as a hallmark of your wedding decorations.

Send Off Snacks: Delicious ways to end your wedding night

Step aside coffee table and chocolate dipped strawberries. We’ve found some of the most impressive, creative, and delicious ways to end your wedding night.

Real Weddings: Laura Duryee & Ryan Mennecke

Laura, a therapist for Catholic Charities, and 
Ryan, an electrical engineer, met at a restaurant in Baltimore when Laura was celebrating her best friend’s birthday.