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Trend Watch Runway Report: A Gothic Revolution

Dare we say it out loud? Black! Black accents, black shoes, black skirts, and full-fledged black ballgowns.

Real Weddings: Michelle Lee Sang & Dyami Jenkins

Michelle and Dyami met through a mutual friend who knew exactly what she was doing and ended up being an integral part of their proposal story, too.

Health, Wealth, Happiness: Bachelorette Parties on the Chesapeake Bay

The Chesapeake Bay is the perfect place to celebrate with your friends. Sit back, relax, and cheers to health, wealth, and happiness without chasing after a plane!

Trend Watch: The Royal Blues

Take that something blue up a notch with royal accents every step of the way.

Real Weddings: Ali Moreland & Jon Garritt

Having grown up in the area, the couple knew they wanted to do something local and on the water.

The Case for Boudoir Every Bride Needs to Hear

Here are three great reasons to consider boudoir photography as you prepare for your wedding day (and none of them center on your soon-to-be-spouse).

Real Wedding: Bree Thorn & Dylan Crist

High school sweethearts, Dylan and Bree have been together for nearly a decade.

Trend Watch: Rehearsal Dinner Dress Wars

Are you supposed to wear white to your rehearsal dinner? Or is color acceptable? Long or short?

Real Weddings: Charlotte May & Joshua Campbell

Charlotte and Josh met through a mutual friend, Rob, who went to high school with Josh and to law school with Charlotte.

Trend Watch: Blushing Brides and Unmentionables

The unmentionables need not be awkward presents that you stash away in humiliation!