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What's Up Weddings

Real Wedding: Courtney Mason & Nicholas Ramsay

By Arden Haley, Mar 21, 2017, Categories: Local Weddings

Courtney, a veterinarian, and Nicholas, a systems engineer, met through an online dating site and were engaged exactly one year after their first date.

Real Wedding: Rachael Powers & Johnathan Shipp

By Arden Haley, Mar 02, 2017, Categories: Local Weddings

Johnathon invited Rachael on his boat and even taught her how to wakeboard. It was love at first boat ride!

Real Wedding: Katie Bennett & Kristi Korrow

By Arden Haley, Dec 28, 2016, Categories: Local Weddings

Kristi and Katie first met as children playing on the same soccer team. Later on, in their twenties, the two began running into each other at the bars and at Baltimore Pride each year.

Real Wedding: Amanda Atwood & Dale Wilner

By Arden Haley, Dec 05, 2016, Categories: Local Weddings

"As we were taking in the beautiful view, he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring."

Real Wedding: Megan Griffith & Brian Werrell

By Arden Haley, Nov 09, 2016, Categories: Local Weddings

College sweethearts from the University of Delaware, Megan and Brian’s romance turned to wedding planning after a romantic proposal in Central Park, New York City.

Real Wedding: Elizabeth Trammell & Thomas Fenfert

By Arden Haley, Apr 28, 2016, Categories: Local Weddings

Liz, a program manager for the government, and Tom, a high school physics teacher, met working at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

Real Wedding: Geena Cooley & Bradley Harrington

By Arden Haley, Apr 21, 2016, Categories: Local Weddings

From opposite sides of the country (Geena from Maryland and Brad from California), the two met by chance when they both were visiting Chicago for a few days.

Real Wedding: Kara Goldman & Andy Young

By Arden Haley, Apr 14, 2016, Categories: Local Weddings

Andy, a civil engineer, and Kara, an accountant, met through mutual friends while in college at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Real Wedding: Khalia Alexander & Wilson Cobbs

By Arden Haley, Apr 07, 2016, Categories: Local Weddings

Khalia and Wilson’s story begins in high school. Wilson was dared by his buddies to send Khalia a message on Facebook asking for her phone number.

Real Wedding: Cristina Bonner & Scott Stern

By Arden Haley, Mar 30, 2016, Categories: Local Weddings

College sweethearts, Cristina and Scott’s first impressions of one another were slightly misguided.