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Real Wedding: Geena Cooley & Bradley Harrington

By Arden Haley, Apr 21, 2016, Categories: Local Weddings

From opposite sides of the country (Geena from Maryland and Brad from California), the two met by chance when they both were visiting Chicago for a few days.

Real Wedding: Kara Goldman & Andy Young

By Arden Haley, Apr 14, 2016, Categories: Local Weddings

Andy, a civil engineer, and Kara, an accountant, met through mutual friends while in college at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Real Wedding: Khalia Alexander & Wilson Cobbs

By Arden Haley, Apr 07, 2016, Categories: Local Weddings

Khalia and Wilson’s story begins in high school. Wilson was dared by his buddies to send Khalia a message on Facebook asking for her phone number.

Real Wedding: Cristina Bonner & Scott Stern

By Arden Haley, Mar 30, 2016, Categories: Local Weddings

College sweethearts, Cristina and Scott’s first impressions of one another were slightly misguided.

Real Wedding: Ashley Jefferson & Gregory Bauer

By Arden Haley, Mar 24, 2016, Categories: Local Weddings

“Greg’s proposal was perfect and a complete surprise,” remembers Ashley.

Real Weddings: Laura Duryee & Ryan Mennecke

By Arden Haley, Dec 16, 2015, Categories: Local Weddings

Laura, a therapist for Catholic Charities, and 
Ryan, an electrical engineer, met at a restaurant in Baltimore when Laura was celebrating her best friend’s birthday.

Real Weddings: Allyson McKaughan & Zach Forkey

By Arden Haley, Dec 16, 2015, Categories: Local Weddings

Allyson, 29, and Zach, 31, are both contractors with the State Department living in Arlington, Virginia. They met through friends when Zach was stationed at the Pentagon years back.

Real Weddings: Michelle Zippelli & Daniel Dietz

By Arden Haley, Dec 03, 2015, Categories: Local Weddings

After nearly a decade of living in Boston together, Michelle and Dan moved to Houston for Dan’s job. During their first trip back to Boston, Daniel finally proposed to Michelle.

Real Weddings: Erin Kennedy & Michael Taddeo

By Arden Haley, Nov 03, 2015, Categories: Local Weddings

Erin and Michael met at work. Once relocated to a new building in 2009, they found out that they both resided in Annapolis and had many of the same interests.

Real Weddings: Maureen Sentman & Timothy Danos

By Arden Haley, Sep 29, 2015, Categories: Local Weddings

November 9, 2013 // Brittland Estates, Chestertown // Erin Wheeler Photography