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Local Weddings

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Real Weddings: Ali Moreland & Jon Garritt

Having grown up in the area, the couple knew they wanted to do something local and on the water.

Real Wedding: Bree Thorn & Dylan Crist

High school sweethearts, Dylan and Bree have been together for nearly a decade.

Real Weddings: Charlotte May & Joshua Campbell

Charlotte and Josh met through a mutual friend, Rob, who went to high school with Josh and to law school with Charlotte.

Real Weddings: Christina Vivelo & Justin Jacob

Christina and Justin met at their interviews for graduate school at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.

Real Weddings: Pamela Burch & Gregory Sullivan

Greg asked to stop in front of the restaurant where the two had gone on their first date for a drink. While the kids stood in a semi-circle around the couple, he proposed in the restaurant.


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Real Wedding: Lauren Levine & Dan Sager

Dan proposed at the restaurant where the couple had their first date.

Real Wedding: Amy Verdin & Ethan McGinn

Ethan decided he wanted to propose to Amy nearly two full years before he popped the question.

Real Weddings: Julia Riddle & Michael Clark

Julia, a med student at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, kept putting off a first date with Michael, a Registered Nurse, because of her research for school.

Real Wedding: Kara Kinsey & Ross Kistler

Kara and Ross met at Clemson University as architecture students. They became fast friends their junior year when they were in the same studio class.