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Planning the Perfect Honeymoon

Your honeymoon will be that giant sigh of relief after the excitement and drama of the wedding day -- a time for indulgence, romance and relaxation.

12 Wedding Trends for 2012

Trends come, and trends go, but incorporating those trends into your wedding day is a time-honored tradition. The wedding industry is more innovative than ever, meaning the options for your big day...

Mix It Up: Getting Creative with Your Bridesmaid Dresses

  Choosing bridesmaid dresses is a daunting task. Finding a single dress that flatters many different body types is difficult, even for experts. What’s a bride to do? The answer: Don't panic. ...

Choosing the Right Hairstyle

  When choosing the right hairstyle for your wedding, the options may seem endless. Narrow it down by thinking of what would look best with the neckline and cut of your dress, as well as with the s...

Photo of the Week: Red Shoes

Brightly colored shoes -- especially red ones -- under a crispy white wedding dress is one trend that I hope lasts a while longer.

Favorite Looks from the 2012 Bridal Runway

After a bride-to-be chooses her wedding dress, it's recommended that she stop browsing gowns in case she gets a case of buyer's remorse. I'm already married, and some of these gorgeous 2012 dresses...

Tips on Choosing a Wedding Menu {+ 9 sample menus }

Too often, brides and grooms think they are limited by the few choices their venue’s caterer offers for dinner. If the venue and caterer allow, take cues from the season and your personal preferenc...