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Trend Watch: Jewel Toned Glam

By Arden Haley, Jun 02, 2016, Categories: Trends

A splash of sapphire, ruby, fuchsia, or emerald can turn a wedding theme from ordinary to extraordinary.

Trend Watch: Rustic Chic

By Arden Haley, Jun 02, 2016, Categories: Trends

Rustic and casual or classic and chic? It seems as though there’s been an unspoken rule in the weddings industry for the past decade dictating that you have to choose either one or the other

Trend Watch: City Love — Impress guests with a touch of geography

By Arden Haley, Apr 28, 2016, Categories: Trends

Build the anticipation for an awesome Chesapeake Bay wedding by adding a touch of geography to your wedding stationary.

Trend Watch: Grooms Gifts

By Arden Haley, Apr 14, 2016, Categories: Trends

As your wedding day nears, it’s easy to find tiny details like table assignments and ceremony music all encompassing.

Trend Watch: Painted Cakes

By Arden Haley, Mar 24, 2016, Categories: Trends

Talk about too pretty to eat! These watercolored tiers of beauty will stand alone as a hallmark of your wedding decorations.

Send Off Snacks: Delicious ways to end your wedding night

By Arden Haley, Dec 16, 2015, Categories: Trends

Step aside coffee table and chocolate dipped strawberries. We’ve found some of the most impressive, creative, and delicious ways to end your wedding night.

The Philosophy of Love

By Arden Haley, Dec 16, 2015, Categories: Trends

Recently, we took our bride on a quest through the history of love without even leaving Annapolis.

Trend Watch: Naked Cakes

By Arden Haley, Dec 03, 2015, Categories: Trends

To frost or not to frost. That is the question couples are asking their bakers today. If you ask us, we’re loving the look of unfrosted cakes!

Trend Watch: Minted Pastels

By Arden Haley, Oct 27, 2015, Categories: Trends

Pastels are in. Year round. But don’t feel confined to pinks and lilacs as your go-to pastel colors.

Trend Watch: Floral Maids All in a Row

By Arden Haley, Sep 29, 2015, Categories: Trends

Have you picked out your flowers? Let us help you! Ditch the solid toned dresses and don your maids in a variety of floral frocks. We’ve even got your flower girl covered.