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James and the Giant Peach

The musical James and the Giant Peach is based on the beloved children’s book by Roald Dahl, written in 1961. It’s a delightfully imagined tale of a boy, his giant insect friends and their incredible journey across the ocean on a giant, juicy piece of fruit. James (Finn Theeke), tragically loses his parents in a freak accident and is sent to live with his awful aunts, Spiker (Greta Schneider) and Sponge (Isabelle VanEmburgh). A strange man named Ladahlord (Chillian Cuthbert-Emon) appears in James’ miserable life and encourages him to try a magic potion. The experiment goes wrong and ends up creating giant insects: a ladybug (Heleah Soulati), a grasshopper (Aiden Loeser), a spider (Sofia Angarita), an earthworm (Galen Marquess) and a centipede (Aiden Peters). A peach magically grows to outrageous proportions in James’ backyard and he and his new friends climb inside through a small door. The peach somehow detaches from its tree and rolls down the hill, over the cliffs of Dover and into the sea. Off go the unintentional traveling companions on a thrilling transatlantic ride to New York City, discovering much about themselves, each other and the meaning of family.