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Rick Malmgren: Retrospective

"Much of our lives we are planning, looking forward with hope, excitement and fear. This is particularly true in our early years while we gather experience, education and build homes and careers. At times, we look back to reflect and learn, sometimes with pride, sometimes with regret. My life’s work has always involved introspection. Making, learning and teaching have all been guided by my passion to know what it means to be human on this earth at this time. This show looks back over 40 years of making, learning and teaching. It’s a personal exploration and chance to collect in one room at one time objects that have been formed by my hands and been used by me and others in intimate embraces to hold food and to hold attention as they offer moments of silence for reflection. Maybe in viewing the works you will have the chance to explore in some light, personal way your own experience of what it means to be human on this earth at this time. As I write this, I am beginning the process of collecting and selecting pieces for this show. The sensation is similar to starting a new body of work in the studio. Ideas dance in my head. Images float, swirl and coalesce, but everything will only crystallize in one moment when the final piece is in place in the gallery, similar to the moment when I crack open the kiln door to see the finished fired work. Until that moment, I won’t fully know what the story will be. It has been that transitional process of unknowing laced with bright moments of self-insight that has driven me to the studio early in the morning for the past 4 decades. What you experience will be different. Many of you have known me for a significant part of this path, whether it has been years or weeks. But even if you are seeing the work for the very first time, my sincere hope is that there will be some sense of recognition, both for the experiences that we shared and also for the path that you are on in your own life." - Rick Malmgren
Date & Time
  • Weekly on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
  • Jan 07, 2017 through Feb 25, 2017
  • 9:00AM
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