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What's Up? Weddings Bridal Buzz

Features the most up-to-date trends in fashion, planning, and more in the wedding world. Look through photos from recent local weddings in Maryland for inspiration.

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Wondering what things there are to do around here on the weekends? Well now you can have all of the most popular events in the Annapolis, Eastern Shore, and West County locations delivered right to you along with descriptions and details about each event. We will also keep you updated on what is new each week on our website. Don't miss out on articles about home and style, health, fashion, food and dining, and much more from our popular publications: What's Up? Annapolis, What's Up? Eastern Shore, and What's Up? West County.

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Stay up to date on the latest health, fashion & beauty, and fitness related trends.

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Looking to promote your business with What's Up? Media? We will keep you in the loop of all of the opportunities for your business.

What's Up? Wilma Monthly Reminder

A reminder to send in your Find Wilma form for a chance to win a gift card. Not familiar about our Wilma contest? Read more about it here.

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Sign up to our newsletters to be eligible to win weekly giveaways. What's Up? for Grabs is a weekly opportunity for our loyal readers to be rewarded with tickets to the most exciting happenings, gift cards from local businesses, and more in Anne Arundel County, on the Eastern Shore, and beyond. More about this contest can be found here.

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