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Trend Watch Runway Report: Center Stage Relèvé

By Arden Haley, Jun 16, 2017, Categories: Trends

The graceful, classic bride will find herself practically leaping down the aisle in these ballet-inspired gowns.

Trend Watch: Gatsby Meets Thoroughly Modern Minimalism

By Arden Haley, Jun 16, 2017, Categories: Trends

Art deco beading, languidly slim silhouettes, fabrics fit for a Hollywood siren- we can’t seem to quit the roaring 20’s.

Love Anchored by the Bay: A nod to the Chesapeake without any of the nautical clichés

By Arden Haley, Jun 09, 2017, Categories: Trends

The time has come to trade in your sailor knots, anchors, and bold navy stripes for oysters and pearls, driftwood, and sea breeze mints.

Beauty Lies in the Details: A guide to key moments & treasures that you won't want to overlook

By Arden Haley, May 23, 2017, Categories: Planning

Below is a guide to key moments and treasures that are easily overlooked yet achingly cherished in the years to come.

Somewhere Back in Time: The Traditions Behind the United States Naval Academy Chapel

By Arden Haley, Apr 11, 2017, Categories: Local Weddings

The USNA chapel becomes quite busy in the weekends following commencement each spring. A typical Saturday following commencement could see as many as 6-10 wedding ceremonies in one day.

The Hunt for the Perfect Venue: What to Know Before You Go

By Arden Haley, Apr 11, 2017, Categories: Planning

So, here’s what you need to know before you go venue hunting. Consider this your arsenal of concerns to keep your head and your heart in check while you make your decision. Happy planning!

Trend Watch: Wrapped in a Bow

By Arden Haley, Apr 11, 2017, Categories: Trends

Whether you are looking to add whimsy, sophistication, or femininity to your bridal attire, there’s a bow out there to complete your look!