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Wit and Wisdom: A Lingerie Party Quip

As it tends to go in 21st century written history, the exact origin of this witty poem is unknown. We share this with you in hopes that it continues to be shared amongst friends and family.

Trend Watch: Ruffle Your Feathers

Bridal romance has been ruffled and fluffed by dress designers who take to airier details to redefine the wedding dress.

Real Weddings: Lindsey Oakley & Spencer Ford

Spencer introduced his boys to Lindsey by saying, “Do you remember her? I hope you do because I am going to marry her one day.” Surprised at the time, Lindsey is happy that it came true!

Trend Watch: The Wedding Dress Caper

Capes sing elegance and class so keep your look classy from head to toe.

Trend Watch Runway Report: Pearly Whites

We’ve got this trend in the bag, Maryland! The nautical flair of the Chesapeake Bay couldn’t ask for a better up-and-coming trend than pearls.

Trend Watch Runway Report: A Gothic Revolution

Dare we say it out loud? Black! Black accents, black shoes, black skirts, and full-fledged black ballgowns.

Real Weddings: Michelle Lee Sang & Dyami Jenkins

Michelle and Dyami met through a mutual friend who knew exactly what she was doing and ended up being an integral part of their proposal story, too.